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35 Useful Outdoor Resources for Students: Colleges, Majors, and More!

Do you think that time spent at the college won’t leave any free time for your favorite outdoor activities? Studies don’t have to be boring, and we are here to prove that. This article gathered the best outdoor resources for students: universities and majors that would allow you to combine both dirtbag life and education. Moreover, you will find here 15 useful sources to save your precious time.

28 Best Hiking Apps, Maps, and Survival Guides [2023 Update]

Preparing for a long road trip? Or going to hike a mountain trail? It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or an expert in navigation—the best hiking apps are useful for everyone. After all, online maps never become outdated, digital compasses will not fail you, and hike messengers are great for finding new friends and discussing the most challenging or beautiful trails. To help you out, Hike&Cycle has gathered the most useful paid and free hiking apps you’ll want to get! Also, Jarrimber created an infographic that features apps for true nature lovers, so feel free to check out...