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Our team members are loyal fans of hiking, cycling, snow sports, and other outdoor activities. By gathering information on popular hiking topics and publishing thorough gear reviews, we make adventures safe and amusing for lots of people.

We’re eager to popularize hiking and help beginners complete their first trails. We believe that hiking is important because nature gives happiness, health, and motivation to its admirers.

Every time readers use our referral links to buy a product, we get a commission. This money helps us keep up our work and participate in nature conservation programs.

What does this system mean for our visitors? It means that they can enjoy the most objective and fair reviews. Our affiliate relationships don’t affect the analyses we make; we just choose products from the hundreds of brands they offer. Neither online retailers nor brands can influence our selection of appropriate products.

In our blog posts and reviews, you’ll find links to online retailers’ stores.

Our Team

Jeffrey Howard

Jeffrey Howard

journalist, cyclist, experienced hiker
Jennifer Saito

Jennifer Saito

blogger, hiking and camping fan
Kathryn Wilde

Kathryn Wilde

journalist, hiker, kayaker, dog lover


bold traveler, dog gear analyst

Nature Conservation

The purpose of Hike & Cycle is to teach adventurers how to travel safely — both for themselves and the environment. We admire wild nature and wish to minimize the harm from hikers and campers during their outdoor activities. We work in three areas:


Our experienced writers develop high-quality guides, articles, infographics, and interviews. We strive for the following goals:

  • To teach hikers to take care of nature instead of damaging it.
  • To draw attention to significant environmental problems.

We support nature conservation efforts by donating 2% of our earnings to wildlife funds and advising our visitors to support them as volunteers


Our team assists leading organizations in wildlife conservation by popularizing their donation programs. We believe that our blog will help you enjoy your adventures and keep our planet green.